What Makes VRD the Best Virtual Recruiting Platform

If you are a hiring manager or recruiter trying to roll the wheel of hiring the best talent, then the following text is to guide you through the process. 
best virtual recruiting platform

The world today is pivoting to virtual hiring for all the right reasons. Virtual events mainly received popularity in the Covid-19 era. Primarily, digital networking replaced face-to-face human interactions. It has forever changed the game for hiring agencies. Stats reveal that 89% of organizations today are recruiting virtually, diminishing the need for an internal HR team. The hassle from scheduling on-site interviews to long-term candidate screening is finally over. 

Lately, we have observed that the world’s top organizations smartly recruit the best candidates from around the globe. How do these organizations find the best talent to source? Is it diverse search, online recruitment, remote hiring or global reach? Everything combined – virtual platforms help you host impressionable virtual recruitment events. 

So are you looking for the best virtual recruiting platform in 2022? Your search comes to an end at Virtual Recruitment Days. Let us walk you through the 3D feature-packed virtual recruiting and onboarding platform.

What is a Virtual Recruitment Platform? 

Virtual recruitment events platforms are platforms designed specifically to host online job fairs and career fairs. Virtual recruitment platforms reduce the human effort to organize on-site job fairs and provide comprehensive software solutions for organizing recruitment events. From setting up a branded fair to engaging attendees online, a virtual platform becomes your digital event venue. Now, instead of traveling down to the office location, remote applicants easily join in the events from the comfort of their homes. With just a few clicks, a user joins the global job fair. 

In addition, the platforms allow global organizations to fully custom-design the 3D environment. From the reception desk to exhibitor halls, the platform completely depicts your company culture. For instance, the halls, lobbies and booths communicate the employer’s brand. Here, each exhibitor engages candidates in live chats and discusses career opportunities. With continuous digital engagement, the recruitment event platform helps recruiters filter the most suitable candidate for the job. 

Virtual recruitment platforms have the right tools, tech, and software to facilitate organizations with a beyond-reality experience.

How Virtual Recruitment Days is the Best Recruiting Platform? 

We are stepping into the age of virtual recruitment and hiring. Traditional recruitment practices no more benefit organizations aiming to tap global talent. For that matter, virtual recruitment days come to the rescue. If you are a hiring manager or recruiter trying to roll the wheel of hiring the best talent, then the following text is to guide you through the process. 

Here are some essentials on why VRD is the best virtual recruiting platform in 2022. 

Virtual Recruitment Event Solutions

VRD extends its platform for employers to host a variety of virtual recruitment events. These events are easily accessible for anyone tuning in via the internet. Instead of traveling to a physical location, attendees join in using their laptops or mobile devices. It helps applicants engage and network with respective employers in real-time through text, audio or video conversations. Interestingly, virtual recruitment events are your ultimate chance to:

  • Enhance company branding 
  • Globalize Employer brand 
  • Hunt remote talent 
  • Accelerate hiring process
  • Gain live insights
  • Quick screening process
  • Achieve maximized revenue

The virtual recruitment event experience is highly customizable with 3D animated company representative avatars, attractive visuals and graphics. In short, the entire virtual space depicts your company culture, from reception desks, employer booths, lobbies, and halls to webinar rooms.

VRD offers the following recruitment event solutions: 

1- Virtual Job Fair

A virtual job fair is organized online to hunt for the best talent from around the world. The platform becomes a perfect place to post jobs online, filter resumes, shortlist best-matched profiles and schedule on-spot interviews. It is by far considered the quickest way to screen the most suitable candidates for the posted job roles. 

Since everything is happening online, the job fair encourages attendee participation. For instance, the live webinars hosted by employers educate applicants on the company’s mission, ideology, job description and long-term career prospects. Altogether, a virtual hiring event is supported by a set of tech, tools and software facilitating:

  • Customizable 3D environment 
  • Content sharing vault
  • Applicant screening 
  • Webinar hosting 
  • Live event reports

2- Virtual Career Fair

A virtual career fair allows employers to connect with talented individuals and present career opportunities. Here, employers get to collect resumes from prospective candidates and continue with the screening process there and then. In addition, the video interview sessions facilitate immersive face-to-face interactions for individuals joining from remote locations. 

Ultimately, the platform becomes a one-stop shop for the applicants to educate themselves on the suitable job roles, company culture and employer brands. Thus, a virtual career fair event is built to educate, engage and recruit talented individuals from across the globe.

3- Virtual Onboarding Fair 

Are you looking for ways to smartly onboard your remote teams? Virtual recruitment days enable organizations to set up virtual onboarding fairs. It is to ease the process of employee onboarding, education and formal training. Basically, the entire recruitment events platform becomes the training class for new hires. For instance, personalized webinar rooms are set up to educate and train employees for their respective job roles. 

Here, the keynote speakers and senior team members address the sessions to thoroughly prepare the new bees. Further, they easily track the training progress of each employee to keep everyone on the same page.  

4- In House Recruitment

Today, organizations design in-house recruitment events to simplify their internal hiring processes. 3D virtual software has built-in customization features that help replicate the office space to offer everyone an immersive online experience. It diminishes the need to set up a job fair and go over the tiring process of employee screening. Instead, the platform equips hiring managers to go over the candidate screening and interviews in no time. Basically, the job matching algorithms speed up the process of hiring the best candidate among staff members. 

VRD- Exclusive Platform Features 

What makes VRD the best choice for virtual recruitment? VRD is specifically designed to connect hiring managers with talented job seekers. We have curated 3D software with tons of features to facilitate organizations in meeting their hiring needs. Using cutting-edge technologies, we replicate the in-person job fair experience for the people. From 3D-designed entrances, lobbies, and halls to branded booths, the platform becomes a virtual reality.

Here’s how VRD is the first choice of employers and hiring managers.  

3D Virtual Environment

If you wish to offer a real-life experience to your audience, then a 3D virtual environment is all you need. VRD is the only platform that allows event organizers to custom design the 3D virtual environment. Here, you can replicate your corporate building from the entrance, reception, halls, and lobby to webinar rooms. Also, the custom-designed booths, lobbies, and halls speak at length about your company culture. 3D virtual space is designed using logos, themes, slogans and more. In short, the entire event offers an immersive and interactive experience to the audience. 

Moreover, the 3D animated avatars crowd up the virtual space. Attendees easily interact with the company representative avatars in live chats, sessions and webinars. In general, the entire virtual walkthrough space is easy to navigate with built-in navigation buttons.

Live Job Boards

Replacing the old methods of posting job advertisements in the newspaper, a virtual job fair allows organizations to post jobs live at events. From the moment applicants walk into the virtual venue, they are directed to the employer booths. Interestingly, a virtual exhibition hall allows multiple employers to set up their booths. By personalizing the booth experience for candidates, each employer posts jobs live and guides applicants on job roles. Next, the attendees browse through the lists and apply for jobs matching their profiles. 

Custom Exhibitor Booths

A virtual job fair mainly centers around employer booths. It is considered the central hub for all the hiring being conducted at the fair. Basically, the virtual platform allows multiple employers to set up their booths within the exhibition hall. Each employer presents themselves through an animated avatar and custom designs the booth as per their employer brand. The booth is mainly all about:

  • Personalized job board with a list of vacancies
  • Educates applicants on company profile
  • Engages applicants in live chat and discussions
  • Presents benefits brochures and other resource materials 
  • Interacts with attendees on job role discussions 
  • Puts links to the company website and social media channels 

Profile-matching Technology

At present, VRD is considered the best virtual recruiting platform as it aids organizations in screening the best candidate. The built-in candidate profiles gather specific information from the candidates. Later, the stored information is accessed by the employers who filter the best-matched profiles for the job roles. Be it on the basis of education, experience or skills, the profile-matching technology filters the best candidates. 

Candidate Screening Interviews

Each employer booth has a reserved chat slot and meeting scheduler option. Here, the company representatives formally conduct audio/video screening interviews. Interestingly, video interviews revive face-to-face interaction for individuals joining from far ends of the world. These interviews help make decisions regarding hiring the right candidates who fit well within the organization. Also, remote candidates have an equal opportunity to compete for their dream jobs. The complete hiring process happens online at the job fair event. 

Interactive Webinar Sessions

What are webinars? Webinars are online seminars that last for about 30-60 minutes. It is another chance for employers to communicate with candidates through live or recorded webinar sessions. Keynote speakers join in the event and address the live webinar sessions. It aims to educate, train, and familiarize candidates with the company and job roles. 

On the top, the candidates can request on-demand webinar sessions from booth representatives. The interactive elements of the webinars include live chat, audio/video conferencing, live content sharing, live Q&A sessions, live surveys and polls.

Real-time Metrics

From tracking the number of footprints to accessing booth attendance, a virtual job fair helps follow the entire user journey.  The live metrics help track the event progress and ROIs. Basically, the live surveys, polls and Q&A sessions help record the feedback of clients and analyze the overall event impression.

So join our feature-rich platform to host impressionable virtual events

Final Thoughts 

Over the years, virtual recruitment days have earned a name as the best virtual recruiting platform for organizations aiming to tap global talent. The platform bridges the gap between online interaction and communications. Combining the best tools and software, the platform helps global organizations to market their employer brand worldwide. In addition, VRD facilitates remote candidates to easily join the job fair and apply for the desired roles at the world’s reputed organizations. Bringing top talent to the doorstep, VRD takes pride in meeting the hiring needs of hundreds of hiring managers and recruiters. 

Join us today to benefit from the top global networking, talent acquisition and employee onboarding platform. This is where you meet your company’s future leaders, specialists and executives. 

Virtual recruitment days is titled the best virtual recruiting platform helping recruiters tap top talent from around the world. 

Author | Mubashrah Rahim



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