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Looking for a solution to streamline unified business communications? Nowadays, businesses need a central communication hub to manage online business processes.

Looking for a solution to streamline unified business communications? Nowadays, businesses need a central communication hub to manage online business processes. Generally, it allows organizations to continue their routine conversations meetings and connect with remote teams. UCaaS platform facilitates online chats, calls, and meetings. Thus, to maximize its use, organizations can either set up a digital workspace, virtual office, or host their events online. 

Recent studies have shown that people are more inclined to digital networking and interactions. For instance, the biggest annual conferences, trade shows, product launch events, or concerts are now held online through a virtual events platform. Likewise, people easily connect with remote teams and industry professionals using unified communications as a service (UCaaS). But, there is a need for a single business communication channel. Essentially, a platform where people from all over the world join in and interact on a regular basis. 

For that matter, virtual recruitment days (VRD) presents itself as the best UCaaS platform for global enterprises. We facilitate organizations to opt for VRD as their single-vendor platform to regulate all their communications. 

How Does VRD Present Itself as a UCaaS Platform?

Unified communications as a service is a blend of internet-based telecommunications and messaging features. VRD offers UCaaS to enable organizations to connect from anywhere in the world and streamline their online interactions. You heard it! Basically, it acts as a service model (aaS) to back up your virtual and hybrid events communications. Combined, we use the best software, tools, and technologies to deliver above and beyond service.

Generally, a UCaaS solution enables users to participate using a computer, laptop, or smartphone device. Through uninterrupted internet access, people can chat with other professionals online. Also, the UC system integrates many forms of interaction such as; live text chat, audio/video conferencing, and other collaboration tools. 

Now, let us discuss how VRD presents itself as the best UCaaS platform.

Live Chat 

Live chat is the easiest way to connect with others. A chat tab enables teammates to start a conversation with just a few clicks. In fact, our feature enriched platform allows event organizers to embed these chat tabs within the halls, lobbies, and exhibitor booths. For instance, the prospective leads reach out to exhibitors via text chat.

However, people can engage through chat options such as;

  • Text chat
  • Audio
  • Video conferencing 

Specifically, the video conferencing feature allows guest speakers, chairs, or keynote speakers to address the audience. In addition, organizers can arrange webinars, presentations, seminars, or conferences to collectively present the session before a global audience base. So, be it a virtual trade show, conference, or open day, the chat and networking opportunities by VRD act as your ultimate UCaaS platform.

Private or Group Chat

VRD also offers a private or group chat option. Audiences can indulge in private 1:1 chats with representatives. On the other hand, the exhibitors easily engage the audience in a group chat. These group text chats enable each participant to share their opinions or engage in a discussion. In some cases, exhibitors can engage multiple potential buyers in a chat group to encourage sales. For instance, exhibitors often showcase their products in group chats. This helps them score deals quickly and collectively.

When there’s a need to discuss confidential business matters, the private chat options work best. For instance, the zoom integrated platform offers a secure atmosphere for both parties. Thus, unified communications occur between teammates, industry peers, or stakeholders. In addition, VRD extends its platform for global businesses to either use UCaaS within their digital office set-up or host virtual and hybrid events online.  

Reserve Chat Slots

It is humanly impossible for booth representatives to attend to each query. In such times, the platform leverages a reserved chat slot. Here, the representatives can pick a time to schedule meetings and send notifications to respective attendees. Likewise, attendees can fairly schedule meetings with remote exhibitors.

Reserve chat slot options allow teammates to check the availability of the other and set up a private or group chat likewise. Participants often use this feature during conferences and other events. Due to time constraints, presenters cannot be bothered amid their speeches and thus interact via meeting schedulers. 

Live or Pre-recorded Presentation

Addressing live audiences is another important aspect of unified communication. Chairs and keynote speakers take advantage of this opportunity to address important issues. Here, the speaker may host a live session or pre-record the presentation. Either way, there is an opportunity for attendees to hear from the speaker. Thus, VRD being the best UCaaS provider platform, eases the process of live communications for organizations. 

Pre-recorded presentations allow you to save time during live events. Moreover, it gives us the chance to focus on more pressing issues at hand. On the whole, a large number of audience members can attend these presentations at once. 

Attendee Profile Search

Our UCaaS platform enables users to search for attendee profiles and engage in private chats. These profile search options allow audiences to look for individuals with ease;

  • Similar interests
  • Qualifications
  • Profession
  • Backgrounds
  • Job details 

As a result, productivity increases by a maximum. For instance, an exhibitor can approach potential buyers who have indicated their interest in the product. This later helps them to secure more leads into their pockets.

Therefore, it is important to extract detailed profiles of the attendees at the beginning of events. This detailed information later helps reach a specific individual in a matter of seconds. 

Global Voice Network 

VRD is considered the best UCaaS platform for all good reasons. The global voice network enables organizations to network with remote teams from across the world. Thus, our platform acts as an online marketplace for small businesses or large enterprises. For instance, virtual global conferences gather thousands of people online to present their studies and discuss new ideas.

UCaaS allows you to:

  • Work from home or physical offices
  • Use virtual workspace as a business hub 
  • Provide potential buyers with the best experience 
  • Streamline communications with remote clients 

Be it a small business or a large enterprise; the platform benefits everyone equally. These communication systems enhance a team’s productivity and collaboration. Interestingly, these communications are more streamlined, efficient, and secure. 

In Conclusion

VRD presents itself as the best UCaaS platform. It allows you to streamline communication tools and engage remote teams, industry peers, or stakeholders online. Moreover, the live chat options, audio/video conferencing, and other attendee networking tools together offer a real-world experience. Similarly, the virtual environment duplicates the physical office space, which offers a more comprehensive image of the overall online networking.

Join our platform to experience a virtual environment with the most advanced tech and tools. We offer the most affordable UCaaS for global organizations!



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