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Virtual Recruitment Days was originally founded as a specialist virtual events platform to facilitate in-house recruiters and hiring managers with organising exclusive recruitment open days and career events online on-demand basis.

Businesses invite jobseekers to its branded, 3D virtual venue with 3D walk throughs and 100% customisable design offering a tailor made high quality user experience.

Benefits of using Virtual Recruitment Days vs Zoom / Teams:

branded virtual campus tour

VRD - Dynamic Optional Features

Virtual Recruitment Days is essentially a candidate experience platform combined with various different ways of candidate engagement in the same platform. On top, platform allows you to completely tailor the way you wish to engage with your audience. Some of the dynamic options the platform offers for engaging with the audience but not limited to are

For more options for engagement with your attendees or audience in different rooms or booths, please contact your Account Manager. Please note that all the above ways of candidate engagement are completely optional and dynamic. So pick and choose the ways you wish to engage with your audience according to your event use case. 

“Virtual Recruitment Days is a perfect tool to help facilitate and expedite talent attraction and hiring process, especially for businesses and organisations with the following hiring requirements or operations”

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Millennials Hiring - Virtual Recruitment Events

Millennials Hiring

1- Early Careers Talent Attraction

2- Graduate Recruitment Drive

3- Generation Z Hiring

We already know that around 90% of Jobseekers in US and UK would initially search online for a job. It might be through visiting a search engine, job board, a social media site or digital event. Younger generation are even more likely to look online to search for a job and even prefer to complete hiring process online as compared to being engaged physically throughout the hiring process. According to latest research published by McKinsey&Company Gen Z are classed as digital natives and carry out most of their social activities using digital social networking forums.

Engaging jobseekers for early career opportunities / Graduate roles would become much easier and relevant by hosting virtual career events. With tons of features the virtual recruitment days platform offers you can make the event very memorable for young talent looking for jobs. Majority of the colleges and Universities in US and United Kingdom organise online open days to attract new students from around the world. Most also use virtual events platform to host virtual career fairs for their outgoing graduates 🎓 to help them find their first jobs in relevant fields of study inviting reputable organisations to the event.

We have helped 100s of institutions around the UK / USA / Europe / Asia to host exclusive virtual open days and virtual career days. Please book in free consultation with one of our business consultants should you want to plan your next event. Since these students are used to being engaged via virtual events it’s not a new thing or a rocket science for them to participate and engage via virtual jobs fair. Now it may well be a new thing for your organisation and recruiters but definitely not for the type of audience you are looking to attract.

We offer complete training and support for the hiring teams to fully embrace the world of virtual events. If you are a business or an organisation looking to connect young talent with great opportunities, hosting digital events using virtual recruitment days is a fantastic strategy and will get you very high ROI.

Please speak to one of our business consultants about ROIs and how we support you in the journey.

Volume Hiring

1- Recruiting in Large Volume

2- High Volume Recruiting in Set Period of time

3- High Volume hiring Strategy

Volume hiring is when an organisation wants to employ lots of people over a set period of time. Potentially hundreds or thousands. A large scale hiring might be needed in to address a short / medium / long term campaign. Such as seasonal drives often in retail, call centres, shared service centres, hospitality and healthcare. Virtual Recruitment Days platform offers all in one platform for tracking, Screening, assessment and engagement with large number of jobseekers down the hiring funnel facilitating hiring managers to hire talent faster. Since virtual recruitment days is a dynamic platform and rich in features we can fully customise the candidate experience or journey to suit your use-case.

Customize the Content
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Global Recruitment

1- International Hiring

2- Cross border Hiring

3- Nationwide Hiring

4- Hiring From Abroad

Are you looking to engage international talent or talent nation wide? Look no further. Virtual Recruitment days offer a perfect solution to businesses and organisations who hire directly or facilitates international or cross border hiring.

Businesses and Government organisations spends thousands of pounds every year to hire talent from abroad to facilitate shortage of talent locally. A typical process would be to send hiring teams to different countries physically to source and screen foreign candidates by hosting physical seminars, awareness events, hiring open days etc This would cost a lot of effort, carbon footprint and money. With arguably moderate level of ROI.

All this can be actioned online using the Virtual Recruitment Days platform.

Invite, screen, engage and interview prospective jobseekers from around the world or from selective geographic regions only with a comfort if your home or office. Hiring managers can focus on hiring instead of lengthy logistics and organisations get a far higher ROI.

A typical example for a perfect use-case could be NHS hiring for doctors and Nurses from abroad to fill the talent gap. Or software engineers and experts in AI and ML. All of the professionals whether doctors or software engineers are used to online engagement and appointments through various apps and communication tools.
So attracting them using a virtual events platform is a no brainer.

Please feel free to discuss your international hiring process and requirements with one of our experts and we shall tailor make an online solution for you using our virtual recruitment days platform.

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The Feature Packed Recruitment Platform

With Virtual Recruitment Days you can:

All this and more can be tailored for your process or use-case in one platform. There are tons of statistics and data insights available on candidate journey and engagement. New reports can also be added at your request. Please get in touch with one of our enterprise solutions expert to discuss your hiring process and let’s create a perfect experience for your next volume hiring campaign.