Virtual Healthcare Recruitment


Source and onboard healthcare professionals from around the world with our virtual healthcare recruitment platform powered by a fast-paced talent acquisition system. Our recruitment agency operates internationally, attracting a large volume of medical doctors, staff nurses, specialist physicians and practitioners online, offering them permanent roles as healthcare workers.

Virtual Events Solution for Healthcare

Offering a wide range of virtual event solutions for healthcare, we help you source temporary and permanent healthcare professionals for the public and private sectors. Build a talent pipeline to meet staffing needs on a long-term basis or host healthcare conferences to educate and engage healthcare candidates online. You can host the event from a series of healthcare recruitment events for:

  • Nursing Recruitment
  • Consultants and Physicians 
  • Healthcare Workers
  • Medical Technologist Hiring
  • Social care Workers
Virtual Healthcare Event platform
Virtual Consultation

Showcase Healthcare Sector Jobs Online

Welcoming hiring managers and medical recruiters to host remarkable virtual healthcare recruitment events. We help you plan virtual events strategically, posting healthcare recruitment jobs online and attracting global candidates to apply for the roles. Using our profile-matching technology, you can easily filter, screen and shortlist the most suitable candidates for the job. Plus, our quick networking and engagement tools help through the talent acquisition and hiring process. You can customize the exhibitor booths with complete branding of your company culture. This allows job applicants to familiarize themselves with your clinic, hospital or healthcare organization.

Informative Healthcare Webinars

The key to a successful healthcare webinar is direct communication and interaction between the presenter and the attendees. With a virtual healthcare recruitment platform, you create an engaging and immersive webinar experience for job seekers around the world. Live or recorded speaker sessions encourage you to inform and educate attendees about your company culture, organization, career opportunities and more. We present you with a unique blend of features that will help you inculcate virtual product launches, online staff training and virtual meetings into the work frame of your hospital. Join us and bring your healthcare recruitment drive to a more innovative, efficient and contemporary platform.

Healthcare Webinar
Features of Virtual Health fair platform

Personalized Virtual Health Events

Healthcare professionals around the world choose our virtual platform for its dynamic online event features. Our platform features interactive exhibit halls, poster halls, and chat rooms, enabling users to present their medical innovations. Moreover, the immersive lobbies allow fast networking through help desks and private chat rooms. Similarly, in-event live or pre-recorded webinars help organizations with delivering their message to the masses. Throughout the event, our team provides you with real-time analytics reports to determine the progress and impact of your recruitment drive.

Benefits of a Virtual Health Fair

Making the switch from a physical to a virtual event comes with a wide array of benefits for all parties involved.

  • Easy to navigate platform user-friendly for all the parties involved 
  • Platform provides easy communication between all the interested individuals. 
  • Provides a better, more effective means of communication for recruiters and candidates
  • Useful tool for recruiting and analyzing new members for the healthcare organization. 
  • Offers a wealth of information to those attending the healthcare recruitment event 
  • People from different parts of the world easily participate and contribute.
Benefits of a Virtual Health Fair