How VRD Helps Event Organizers in Student Recruitment

If you are an event organizer within the education sector, then the following text is to guide you on how VRD helps you through student recruitment.
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Student recruitment today is the #1 concern of educational institutions. Getting students to apply for the academic programs at your institute is the biggest challenge. Lately, with the decline in in-person gatherings, attracting students to a student open day is nearly impossible. On top, with internet accessibility all around, people prefer applying online, be it for a job or a degree. But now, students from remote locations easily access the online student recruitment event and enrol in their desired academic programs. Therefore, educational event organizers now look for a single platform that attends to all their needs. 

Saving the day comes virtual recruitment days, helping event organizers host remarkable student recruitment events. By offering the right platform, tech, tools and features, VRD takes pride in helping event organizers represent the employer brand online and win global recognition.

If you are an event organizer within the education sector, then the following text is to guide you on how VRD helps you through student recruitment. 

Why Choose VRD?

Virtual recruitment days present itself as the world’s no.1 recruitment platform. It aims at helping educational institutions find top talent from across the globe. Seamlessly connecting the global audience online, the platform becomes an ultimate replica of the campus building. This is a true depiction of an in-person event, saving people from the trouble of travelling down to a physical venue. Instead, everything is happening online over at the virtual recruitment platform. 

Overall, the platform stages the entire university or college open house event for the student body. We help you showcase the campus, faculty, and programs for prospective students to make an informed decision about admissions. Here, students meet and greet each other and easily interact with the faculty in live 1:1 discussions.

Here’s how VRD helps event organizers in hosting the best student recruitment events. 

Global Accessibility

Let’s face it; in-person event comes with its share of limitations. The open house event held at the campus only accommodates students from around the campus facility. Which, as a result, discourages international students to apply for their preferred programs. To overcome such barriers, VRD helps event organizers expand their reach globally. It is the online representation of your educational institution that brings in maximum student applicants from around the world. Students can log into the event from anywhere in the world. 

Before promoting your virtual student recruitment event, make sure you consider the following:

  • Who can attend the event?
  • Students from which part of the world are welcome at the fair? 
  • Who is the actual target audience for the event?
  • How would you attract prospective students?
  • Who can access the event other than students?

Determining the target audience is a step ahead in the right direction. Plus, the online search takes you to prospective students who are looking for an opportunity to excel in their education. Interestingly, the mass gathering of people also helps build candidate pipelines for your current or next recruitment drive. 

High-Volume Student Recruitment 

With VRD, the global reach ensures high-volume student recruitment for your institute. Be it graduate careers or higher education; we help you source the right students to fill in the academic programs. By globalizing the reach, you receive thousands of student applications to go forward with the recruitment process. For instance, for each program, you score double the number of students as compared to physical open houses. With virtual platforms, you welcome one and all. Not just that, online student recruitment also welcomes parents and guardians. This encourages students to make quick decisions into applying.

Further, the most suitable and qualified candidate profiles are auto-filtered for you. In short, virtual student recruitment eases the process of student onboarding by minimizing manual work. Ultimately, the recruitment drive turns out to be a success as the students have taken over all the academic programs. 

Stunning 3D Virtual Venue

With virtual events, your audience does not miss much. Our platform offers expert 3D animation and visualization features that help replicate your institute. From the entrance to the halls, the platform presents itself as a life-like virtual venue. On top, the moving animated avatars create an immersive environment for the audience as if they are actually there. When in fact, the audience is experiencing the 3D virtual venue from the comfort of their space. 

Altogether the virtual venue is turned into a walkthrough mode for the audience to sift through the space as they would in reality. The navigational buttons inscribed on the screen help attendees move about from reception to halls, from lobbies to webinar rooms and to respective program booths. Here’s how we replicate the real-life environment for the online audience:

  • Entrance
  • Reception
  • Corridors
  • Lobbies
  • Booths
  • Help desks
  • Exhibition Halls
  • Webinar rooms
  • Meeting rooms
  • Campus building 
  • Campus facilities 

Feature University Facilities and Campus Tour

As an event planner, we understand your concerns about familiarizing the students with their new campus. If the students are not physically visiting the campus, that does not mean they are in the dark about their dream institute. Realizing the need, VRD encourages organizers to set up a 360-degree virtual campus tour. This takes students on a ride through their campus building, its facilities and more. For instance, the guided tour showcases the entire building, departments, hostel, library, parking lot, cafeteria, other facilities and more. 

Moreover, the platform allows you to feature the appointed faculty, student programs, and co-curricular programs. Soon as you take students on an inclusive virtual tour of the campus, it maximizes the chances for their applications. Like, a sports student would be very much interested in exploring the on-campus indoor and outdoor grounds. Also, a research student might wish to have a look at the laboratories or fields. 

Thus, it is wise to make your virtual student recruitment a comprehensive deal for the students. After all, it is about how you educate, guide and inform students about their dream institute. 

Automated Application Process

One of the best things about organizing the virtual event is that it offers an automated application process. This altogether benefits your institution and the students alike. Let us explain how it works:

  • Students are welcomed at the exhibitor booth for each academic program
  • Booths inform students about the career choices, programs, and faculty 
  • Students get to interact with booth representatives to settle their queries
  • Once decided, students apply for the programs by clicking through buttons
  • All the applications are received by the department representatives 
  • Applications are filtered as per student qualification and academic achievements
  • Filtered student applications are forwarded to the reps for further screening 
  • Finally, the selected candidates secure a seat at their desired academic programs
  • Selected candidates are further interviewed and welcomed onboard 

Here, the process involves no physical documentation or time-taking filtration of the student applications. Thanks to the automated virtual hiring process. Filling up thousands of seats in a matter of hours makes your student recruitment event the talk of the town.

Live Attendee Networking and Engagement

What makes virtual platforms the most desirable solution for student recruitment? Well, VRD brings tons of attendee networking and engagement features for live human interaction. It encourages everyone to participate in real-time. Students get to connect with the faculty members. Keynote speakers address the student body. Also, the live Q&A sessions or polling sparks group discussions on important topics. 

Live engagement is vital for the success of your recruitment drive. Wondering why? Here’s how chat, networking and engagement benefit you:

  • Department representatives connect with students through live text, audio, or video chat
  • Students get to schedule individual meetings with the reps or faculty members 
  • Profile auto-match system helps students engage with recruiters directly 
  • Live polling, quizzes and Q&A sessions help gain instant feedback from attendees
  • Uploaded resource material helps students educate themselves
  • Students can request personalized webinar sessions as per their interests
  • Live notifications and alerts guide attendees throughout the event 
  • Gamification and healthy activities also prove effective in engaging everyone 

Informative Live/Recorded Webinar Sessions

Remember how our student open houses engaged students in live seminars? Taking on the same approach, virtual recruitment events allow the scheduling of informative webinar sessions, live or pre-recorded. Here, the keynote speakers join the sessions from remote locations and address the global student body. These speakers may be prominent alumni or reputed faculty members who take up the opportunity to guide students on their career paths.

In addition, the platform allows you to spice up the webinar sessions with:

  • Live polling
  • Quizzes
  • Q&A sessions
  • Group discussions
  • Resource materials
  • Recorded speeches
  • On-demand videos
  • Live games

All these activities combined offer an instant boost to your online attendee engagement. These sessions rightly inform and educate students about their career options. 

24/7 Customer Support 

Another plus for event organizers in the field of education is the availability of live, 24/7 support. It not only attends to your needs but also facilitates your audience. For instance, the support teams attend to all the attendees’ queries, reservations, or concerns. Our support team guides them better throughout the event and makes sure everyone is on the same page. 

But how does our customer support work? We offer you a dedicated support team that is always available at the help desk. They are appointed to offer live technical support to your representatives, students and families attending the event. Likewise, you receive end-to-end project management support as long as your event remains live. 


Virtual Recruitment Days pledge to help, support and accommodate educational event organizers in the best way possible. Being the best in the recruitment field, we help you source thousands of students for your graduate, postgraduate and doctorate programs. Be it high-volume recruitment or international student hiring, VRD leverages its feature-rich platform for event organizers operating worldwide. 

So join our platform to showcase your campus facilities, programs and faculty to prospective students residing globally. We take you way ahead in the future by bringing digitization to your doorstep! 
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