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Why Virtual Recruitment Days?

Virtual Recruitment Days is a UCaaS (Unified Communication as a Service) platform offering businesses and Event organisations the ability to host virtual events.

Physical open days and Job Fairs have been a common way of trying to attract talent, but this can be overshadowed by time, travel, weather, carbon footprint, and other issues, which can result in approximately 60% of those invited missing the opportunity. The right candidate may well be in that 60%. So how do we try and minimise that loss and create the opportunities that would result in companies finding right talent for them?

Virtual Recruitment Days was created to solve just this problem, and in doing so reduce the amount of money companies spend in recruitment and bringing carbon footprint to zero. Our matching technology gives candidates and employers immediate feedback on the jobs available and their suitability, saving precious man hours in screening. Of course, being virtual, we can reach out over the internet to millions of people at the same time and bring them all together onto one platform.


Automate High-Volume Recruitment Using Virtual Event Technology and Event Management Solutions

Recruitment Events

Hunt potential applicants and build global candidate pipelines using our virtual recruitment platform. VRD helps the hiring managers to build brand identity and host virtual recruitment events, all year long.

Corporate Events

Build your corporate identity using the latest event technology and easily host global conferences, meetings, exhibitions, webinars or trade shows online. Host corporate events to connect with industry professionals around the world.

Educational Events

VRD helps educational institutions connect with a global student base to educate them about available career programs. Use our virtual events software to host your next student orientation, open day, virtual graduation ceremony or alumni fair.

Other Events

Engage audiences online in health conferences, medical seminars, and healing workshops at our virtual events platform. Also, use dynamic features of our virtual event software to make healthcare and mental health services available for people worldwide.

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